Better Get Used To Calamari

Apparently because we’ve overfished the other species right out of the ocean, giant squid are getting bigger and more numerous, to the point that there is now more squid biomass on Earth than human biomass.

Good news if you really really really like calamari and don’t care much for any other kind of seafood.

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Personally I think we should sic the Snakeheads on them.

Yezidi: Followers of Malak Ta’us

wikipedia entry

I read about the Yezidi in Fortean Times a short time ago and found more information about them on the web. They live in Iraq, are Kurdish in origin and language, but have a culture and religion quite distinct from other Kurds. They literally worship a fallen angel — a reformed fallen angel. Malak Ta’us, a peacock spirit. When he repented, he filled seven jars with his tears, and used them to quench the fires of Hell. He created the world from the broken sharts of a perfect pearl created by the supreme God.

And With It His Power

Decapitation’s not just for hostages in Iraq anymore.

DETROIT – A factory worker attacked and killed a fellow employee with a sword the suspect apparently made himself at the metals plant where both men worked, police said Thursday.

Witnesses told police the 30-year-old man had complained he was being bullied by another worker at Peerless Metals, which makes metal powders used in automobile brakes.

The suspect had been working on the sword for several days, apparently at work, and when he finished Wednesday, he struck the 40-year-old victim in the neck, nearly decapitating him, said police spokesman James Tate.

The suspect ran away but later returned to the factory. When police arrived, he was having a beer, authorities said.

No names were immediately released.

stop picking on me/because I’m a geek
I’m strange to you, you’re strange to me
but one of these days/I’m gonna pack heat
your brains on the wall, my face, my face on TV

mc chris, “geek”