Maybe It’s Time To Give Up

So there was another fake debate last night where only the people who’ve received the most big-money donations got asked any real questions.

It might be best to stop caring about this charade. In a year or so we’re going to have a choice between a corrupt Republican running as a Democrat on the one side, and one of several batshit-insane fascists running as a Republican on the other side. The best we can hope for is that we get ongoing corruption, malfeasance, and exploitation rather than Armageddon. I guess I prefer the former.

I think I might have an easier time if I just accept that right now.

Rock On Chris Dodd! And Biden, Edwards, and Obama… and eventually, Hillary

Dodd Sets Pace on Dunking Mukasey – Politics on The Huffington Post:
Dodd just said outright that he will vote “no” on Mukasey, because the fellow doesn’t seem to understand that laws apply to Presidents too or that something that was torture when Japanese did it to Americans in the 40s is still torture when Americans do it to Muslims in the 2000s. No “second chance to clarify” — he’s down for the count. Send in the next monkey.

Within hours of Dodd’s statement, Biden, Edwards, Richardson, and Obama joined in. (Who cares if Richardson joined in? He’s not a Senator, he’s got no vote. I’m sure Kucinich and Gravel don’t approve of Mukasey either but they don’t have votes either…)

Let’s see, what other senator is running for President as an ostensible Democrat… Hillary? Hello, anyone there? Do you have a problem with torture? Do you believe that the Constitution applies even to Presidents? Hm… no way to know, really….

UPDATE: Hillary finally jumped onboard.

Iran, our Ally Against The Taliban

Insanity Is Trump: Bush And The Prudent Man Rule:

Yesterday I watched the PBS Frontline episode about Iran. Most people do not know as was pointed out in the episode that Iran condemned 911 and helped us overthrow the Taliban in 2002. Iran had a reformer as its president who was reaching out to the US until the famous “axis of evil” speech by Bush in 2002. Despite that, the Iranian president sent through the Swiss channel an offer of a lasting piece with Iran and a cessation of their nuclear program and aggressive attitude towards Israel. Unfortunately for US, Bush did not respond because he was determined to invade Iraq and ultimately if successful do the same to Iran.