It was the freshest move I’d ever seen. Like ‘e was floatin’ on air.

Remember the Utah Saints, a Wonder whose One Hit was a spiffy little track “Something Good” consisting of three minutes of a throbbing dance beat with a sample from Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” playing over it repeatedly? Apparently they’re, like, still alive and stuff, and they just put out a fun little video.

In it we learn about the mysterious phenomenon that took place on St. David’s Day, 1989, in a little Cardiff nightclub… Lost to history till now, though it has surely affected countless lives.

If I not only remember when this song came out, but remember thinking, back then, “yeah, it’s kinda fun, but it ain’t nothing like as cool as the Kate Bush song it samples…” does that make me… old?

Synchronicity: I was listening to a Kate Bush song (“Joanni”) when I saw somebody link to this song on a message board and followed the link…

Wir Tanzen Ado’ Hynkel

I’m the only person I know who really digs Laibach. (Joe introduced me to it, of course, so he is the Ur-Laibach fan, but I don’t know if he digs it quite so much these days as back around 1990 or so…) I keep trying to share it with people, and they keep hating it.

Besides their original stuff, Laibach has covered:

One of their more accessible and recent songs, is Tanz Mit Laibach, which as the title of this blog entry notes, calls out in its lyrics to the Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator…

So what’s not to like?

Yeah, I know. Next week I’ll get over it, and have an unhealthy obsession with some other weird artist… But Laibach will still be their own special kind of awesome.

Another Mashup: Jethro Tull vs. Deadeye Dick

newagehuntinggirl.mp3 is my latest effort.  I was going through my itunes stuff recording bpm’s using this little utility, and noticed that “Hunting Girl” by Tull and “New Age Girl (Mary Moon)” by Deadeye Dick had almost the same beat.  So I played around and got this little number.  It’s kinda pleasantly harmonious, especially compared to the creepy monstrosity which was my previous mashup effort.  None of Tull’s and very little of Dick’s lyrics survived; it’s mostly riffs and beats.

Trading Jules for Orzabal and Smith

This isn’t even a mash-up, it’s more of an experiment. People have various opinions on the Gary Jules remake of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.” But I have this “can’t we all just get along” attitude, so of course I took Gary Jules aside and suggested that he speed up his delivery and sing along together with Tears for Fears, everybody happy together. (My initial idea of asking Tears for Fears to slow down to Jules’s speed led to pure fiasco.) So here we have, together on stage for the first time, Gary Jules, Roland Orzabal, and Curt Smith all singing “Schizoid World.”