Holy crap. Could it be we *did* elect Kerry?

Check this out..

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A bizzare pattern of impossible anomalies This has long been known : the welter of financial ties of Diebold and ES&S to the radical religious right (with stakeholders currently, it seems, on the secretive CNP) and Bob Fitrakis notes : “Wherever Diebold and ES&S go, irregularities and historic Republican upsets follow.” Howard Ahmanson was the original funder for Bob and Todd Urosevich’s Data Mark,which became ES&S, Bob later left to head Diebold ,maker of HAVA Act mandated touch screen voting machines used in Ohio and Florida and elsewhere….Ahmanson is a Christian Reconstructionist (a form of Dominionism ) who has talked of imposing Biblical law on the US – including the death penalty for gays and drunkards – and is also a main funder of the Chalcedon Foundation. However, the most bizzare patterns of anomalies in Florida came not from touch-screen but optical scan machines. Florida’s central vote tabulator also is Diebold made, raising questions on the a bizzare pattern of anomalies in which a large number of counties in Florida had increases in Republicans votes over expected levels – by an overall average of 50% to 100% and – in one county, as high as 700%. Meanhwhile, here are graphs of variance between exit poll results for battleground states.

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Fringe Reports of Electronic Vote Fraud

Propaganda Matrix says that across the nation Republicans defeated Democrats by exactly the same amounts (18,181 votes) in races which were run on electronic voting machines. I’m not clear on how exactly that would work; why wouldn’t the fraudsters vary the amounts?

Conspiracy Planet quotes Democratic Underground (which I can’t reach at the moment) as saying that in precincts with electronic voting machines and no paper trail, Bush consistently got a 5% boost over exit poll numbers, whereas in precincts with a paper trail, his numbers actually matched exit poll numbers.

That is what fraud would actually look like if it occurred. It’s a credible picture of what we should look for to figure otu if vote fraud is occurring (actually we should prevent it from occurring by requiring voter-verifiable secure paper ballots…) But I’m not gonna go crying foul until I hear it from a source that doesn’t have a crudely photoshopped picture of Bush as Satan on the front page, you know what I mean?

If it has occurred it needs to be investigated and revealed, but again, the fact remains that if liberals can really get America on their side this kind of skullduggery won’t have a chance anyway.

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Fat Lady Has Not Sung

Bush win still seems most likely, But Kerry is making the reasonable demand that in a close race in Ohio which could decide the election, nobody gets to declare victory till all the votes are actually counted.

Works for me.

Still kind of expecting a Bush victory. Nice to have a tiny shred of hope for America for a while though.

Bed soon. Things look very bad.

Things are sounding pretty grim from the exit polls and results that are in, though it’s still a toss-up. It’s looking a lot more like Bush has indeed given us the finger. May be a while before we’re sure, unless Rehnquist’s zombie corpse rises from the grave and pronounces Bush Dark Lord Evil Dictator-For-Life and makes it legal to shoot anyone who tries to do a recount.

But it looks like things are going to go from bad to worse.

I’m chatting with someone who is in complete despair about how rotten people must be to vote for a murderer and torturer like Bush, but you know, this is nothing we didn’t know before. About half of America wants badly to reelect this monster. A tiny deviation well within the statistical margin of error determines whether or not he is in fact elected. It’s a coin toss, with global consequences, and it’s starting to look like most of us are the big losers.

UPDATE: Everybody’s calling Florida for Bush. Thanks, Jeb.

UPDATE: (hour later. couldn’t sleep.) I can’t believe this. I am going to walk around tomorrow and look at everyone I see and think “there’s about a 51% chance that this is your fault. There’s about a 51% chance that you are one of the people who ruined America.”