Bed soon. Things look very bad.

Things are sounding pretty grim from the exit polls and results that are in, though it’s still a toss-up. It’s looking a lot more like Bush has indeed given us the finger. May be a while before we’re sure, unless Rehnquist’s zombie corpse rises from the grave and pronounces Bush Dark Lord Evil Dictator-For-Life and makes it legal to shoot anyone who tries to do a recount.

But it looks like things are going to go from bad to worse.

I’m chatting with someone who is in complete despair about how rotten people must be to vote for a murderer and torturer like Bush, but you know, this is nothing we didn’t know before. About half of America wants badly to reelect this monster. A tiny deviation well within the statistical margin of error determines whether or not he is in fact elected. It’s a coin toss, with global consequences, and it’s starting to look like most of us are the big losers.

UPDATE: Everybody’s calling Florida for Bush. Thanks, Jeb.

UPDATE: (hour later. couldn’t sleep.) I can’t believe this. I am going to walk around tomorrow and look at everyone I see and think “there’s about a 51% chance that this is your fault. There’s about a 51% chance that you are one of the people who ruined America.”