Fringe Reports of Electronic Vote Fraud

Propaganda Matrix says that across the nation Republicans defeated Democrats by exactly the same amounts (18,181 votes) in races which were run on electronic voting machines. I’m not clear on how exactly that would work; why wouldn’t the fraudsters vary the amounts?

Conspiracy Planet quotes Democratic Underground (which I can’t reach at the moment) as saying that in precincts with electronic voting machines and no paper trail, Bush consistently got a 5% boost over exit poll numbers, whereas in precincts with a paper trail, his numbers actually matched exit poll numbers.

That is what fraud would actually look like if it occurred. It’s a credible picture of what we should look for to figure otu if vote fraud is occurring (actually we should prevent it from occurring by requiring voter-verifiable secure paper ballots…) But I’m not gonna go crying foul until I hear it from a source that doesn’t have a crudely photoshopped picture of Bush as Satan on the front page, you know what I mean?

If it has occurred it needs to be investigated and revealed, but again, the fact remains that if liberals can really get America on their side this kind of skullduggery won’t have a chance anyway.

Both of those links are courtesy of Fortean Times.