2007 Begins With A Silly Mashup

Depeche Mode vs Andrews Sisters I have to credit Joe for being enthusiastic about the concept of this; that enthusiasm led me through a failed initial attempt to this, which I consider a relative success. The quality is poor, because it’s got a nasty double-effect thing going on: I started out by stretching the tempo of the Depeche Mode (128bpm) to fit the Andrews Sisters (108bpm) in Audacity, and it was with those raw materials I created the song in Garageband. In the end it sounded kinda slow and ponderous, and I gave it a try speeding the final product back up to 128bpm in Audacity, and was much happier with it overall. That gives it a kind of unnecessary gritty edge, but I’m not going back and redoing it the faster way from scratch, so it’ll have to do.

Oh, yeah, this is “Master and Servant” by Depeche Mode mashed up with “Mr. Sandman, Bring me a Dream” by the Andrews Sisters. Master Sandman!

I have adopted the Nom du Mix “DJ EJ” and the album name “Bring the Wack” for the mp3 metadata. Enjoy!

And happy new year!

More Remix Fun (Sex Police, Kate Bush)

I’ve been going nuts with GarageBand lately.

In addition to the REM remix I blogged earlier, I mixed up the Sex Police, and then Kate Bush.

Sex Police Brutality

Frau Bartolozzi Gets Funky

I’m proud of the last one because I managed to avoid using any wacky effects, or making it go on too long, or ending up including almost all of the original song towards the end like I did on the other two.

But I did add a canned Apple beat to it, so you got to take the crunchy with the smooth I guess.

Monty, This Seems Wack To Me

I’ve been playing with GarageBand and made this kind of messed up trancy remix of “Monty Got A Raw Deal” by REM. I think the second half is better than the first, because the first just keeps on looping and weaving around, going nowhere, while the second half actually lets the original song take over. Cause, like, REM are better musicians than I am, you see. It’s still fun though. :)

Leipzig Is Calling You, Henry

Thomas Dolby’s out touring again with a new CD and all, and he’s got this video podcast called The Sole Inhabitant (a phrase from his song White City, and also the name of his current tour), and I have been subscribed to it for a while and I only just got around to watching/listening to it, and wow. It’s footage of Dolby performing live, with a small commentary intro/outro. You get to see practically every keystroke of his performance, and realize that all that electronica is very, very live. Dolby’s rocking the chrome-dome these days, and he looks like some kind of character from a cyberpunk story when he performs — a head studded with gadgets (but practical ones — e.g, wireless earphones, mic, and what appears to be an iSight strapped to the side of his head, footage from which is edited into the podcast) and in one video he’s wearing this weird oversized trenchcoat.

So geeky. So cool. Dolby is the man. I want to be him. I want to be a tenth as cool at my coolest moment as he is while flossing.