iMeme for Mac Nerds

If you’re on a mac right now, make a list of all the applications in your /Applications folder which begin with a gratuitous letter ‘i’.

Here’s a magical ruby one-liner to cut and paste into a Terminal to list them:
ruby -e 'Dir[%q{/Applications/i*}].each { | app | puts /\/(i.*).app/.match(app)[1] }'

My list:

  1. iAlarm
  2. iAlertU
  3. iCal
  4. iChat
  5. iExtractMP3
  6. iJournal
  7. iMovie HD
  8. iPhoto
  9. iRecord
  10. iSquint
  11. iStumbler
  12. iSync
  13. iTag
  14. iTunes
  15. iWeb

Fifteen. How bout you?

8 thoughts on “iMeme for Mac Nerds”

  1. I think when Apple started using the engine from Konqueror, the caught the infection that makes you start all apps with a particular letter. I’ve noticed that Gnome and KDE are starting to grow out of that, but Apple hasn’t been doing it as long, they’re still in mid-throe.

  2. Gah! Stupid smart quotes!

    Those are supposed to be regular keyboard single and double quotes, but WordPress smartened them to proper curly quotes. That’s what caused the error. :(

  3. cool script, Ed. Ok get:

    iMovie HD

  4. GTD scares me.

    Is iAlertU the coolest thing ever or what?

  5. iInstalled iAlertU on alark. It is fun to show off, but ideeply despise people who walk away from their SUVs with the loud “CHIRP CHIRP” that announces they don’t give a crap about your kind and makes sure you know it with the same tact as the guy pounding his horn at 3AM outside your bedroom window.

    But yeah, iAlertU is kinda cool. Especially if ithink of it as a swipe at those guys.

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