I stood in line and bought Leopard at the Apple Store. Just now finished installing it. I’ll be recording reactions in this blog entry.

  • PRETTY!!!!
  • Apple Mail includes an RSS reader? Huh. Like putting one in Safari for Tiger wasn’t enough? I wonder if they took the one in Safari back out, or if the get to fight to be your RSS reader.
  • See-thru menu bar is indeed annoying.
  • PRETTY!!!!
  • Central location for Downloads with easy accessibility: Nice.
  • Remember what I said about Gutsy Gibbon being a credible contender as a cool OS for an Intel macbook? as of today, it ain’t.
  • Quicksilver displays an icon in the Dock whether you want it to or not. Huh. Hope the Quicksilver wizards fix that.
  • MacPorts’ gimp.app doesn’t work anymore. sigh I’ll probably have to rebuild all my macports stuff.
  • Cover Flow in Finder windows: this is surprisingly cool. I never used Cover Flow in iTunes, but in finder windows it rocks. Something I did with Cover Flow that I wouldn’t have done otherwise… I went through my Applications folder and threw away a couple dozen applications I have virtually never used and never will use. The ease of browsing around in Cover Flow made that an easy task in a way that it wouldn’t have been with other finder views.
  • How come I can’t command-double click on URLs in terminal windows and have them open in the browser anymore?
  • Oh nooo! Mike’s Cards Lite, which is like crack to me, has weird colors and looks terrible on Leopard! I’ll have to stick with PySol
  • why did ‘cupsd’ totally whack the CPU for about 30 seconds after I printed something?…

Oh, I did get one of those Leopard T-shirts, but they only had one size, so I think I’m gonna let one of my six-year-olds wear it.

OK, That’s Enough Ubuntu

OK, I just toasted the 5G Ubuntu partition on the MacBook. It’s awesome, but I’ve already got a pretty nice OS on this thing, and I’m gonna have a nicer one next week if I can get ahold of Leopard. I had my fun, but life’s too short and all that.

Verizon Stops Cutting Off Broadband Customers

Show Us Your Verizon Face: Verizon To Pay $1 Million To Customers After Falsely Advertising Data Plans As “Unlimited”:

Verizon has agreed to reimburse all users nationwide for the cost of their wireless cards and will pay $150,000 in fines to New York State. They also stated, “Verizon Wireless fully and voluntarily cooperated with the Office of the Attorney General throughout this inquiry. Since April of 2007, Verizon Wireless has voluntarily ceased cutting off customers based on their data usage and no longer prohibits common internet uses.”

Wow. A win for consumers. That’s a new one on me!

Go Andrew Cuomo!