I stood in line and bought Leopard at the Apple Store. Just now finished installing it. I’ll be recording reactions in this blog entry.

  • PRETTY!!!!
  • Apple Mail includes an RSS reader? Huh. Like putting one in Safari for Tiger wasn’t enough? I wonder if they took the one in Safari back out, or if the get to fight to be your RSS reader.
  • See-thru menu bar is indeed annoying.
  • PRETTY!!!!
  • Central location for Downloads with easy accessibility: Nice.
  • Remember what I said about Gutsy Gibbon being a credible contender as a cool OS for an Intel macbook? as of today, it ain’t.
  • Quicksilver displays an icon in the Dock whether you want it to or not. Huh. Hope the Quicksilver wizards fix that.
  • MacPorts’ gimp.app doesn’t work anymore. sigh I’ll probably have to rebuild all my macports stuff.
  • Cover Flow in Finder windows: this is surprisingly cool. I never used Cover Flow in iTunes, but in finder windows it rocks. Something I did with Cover Flow that I wouldn’t have done otherwise… I went through my Applications folder and threw away a couple dozen applications I have virtually never used and never will use. The ease of browsing around in Cover Flow made that an easy task in a way that it wouldn’t have been with other finder views.
  • How come I can’t command-double click on URLs in terminal windows and have them open in the browser anymore?
  • Oh nooo! Mike’s Cards Lite, which is like crack to me, has weird colors and looks terrible on Leopard! I’ll have to stick with PySol
  • why did ‘cupsd’ totally whack the CPU for about 30 seconds after I printed something?…

Oh, I did get one of those Leopard T-shirts, but they only had one size, so I think I’m gonna let one of my six-year-olds wear it.

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