“Google to employees: don’t get old if you want to keep your job”

FuckedGoogle: Google to employees: don’t get old if you want to keep your job:

Unfortunately for Google, California’s Sixth District Court of Appeal ruled on Friday that Reid has presented enough evidence to prove that Google has a corporate culture of age discrimination and that the lawsuit shall continue, overturning the previous Santa Clara trial judge that Google almost certainly paid off, just like they paid off Stephen Malouf with that bogus class action clickfraud settlement last year.

Sounds kinda evil.

The Third Wave Leaves No Child Behind

Ron Jones The Wave:

Although Jones says he would never repeat the Third Wave, he insists it could easily happen today, anywhere in the United States, for a variety of reasons.

“Fascism is always a possibility because it’s so simple and people are frustrated. They lose their jobs, their dignity, their sense of worth, and someone comes along and says, “I’ve got the answer.”

School systems prepare the ground, Jones says by using only standardized tests for success and failing to recognize alternative paths of learning, as well as a wider variety of individual achievements.

Educational institutions weed out troublemakers and those who are difficult to teach, he contends, rewarding placid students who want to succeed at any cost and will accept authority.

Read the article if you’ve never heard of the Third Wave experiment. It’s something every American should know about. Now think about that, and think about the direction American education has taken since the institution of “No Child Left Behind.”

Via Fair Game.

A Breath Of Fresh Chomsky

I think it says something about the state of the world when the least depressing, most hopeful and upbeat thing I’ve read about current events in a long time is an interview with Noam Chomsky.

Perhaps unusually I’d always written off Chomsky because I find his linguistics implausible, but more and more, as I’m paying attention, I’m seeing the accuracy his political analysis confirmed.