“Smoking Gun” on Fox News

It’s been known for a while that Fox News “reporters” are told by memos from the top what the news should be.  Never made news before.  But recently a memo emerged from the day after the Democrat’s re-taking of Congress, instructing reporters to find opportunities to claim that terrorist “bad guys” were thrilled with a Democratic Congress and a resigning Rumsfeld, and other details, such as that Fox, which had never questioned the President on what his “plan for Iraq” should be, should now press the Democrats on their “plan for Iraq.”  It was leaked to the Huffington Post.  Keith Olbermann did a segment on it, calling it a “smoking gun.” He showed an example from later that day of a Fox News reporter making the claims she’d been instructed to make in the memo.

No special comment, just haven’t linked to the worthy Olbermann in a while.