My Name, It Is Sam Hall

Ed very sad.

I just wrote several thoughtful paragraphs about my experience with something of a creative drought through most of 2006, then lost it with an accidental page-back or page-forward thingy I couldn’t recover from in OmniWeb.

OK. Here’s the file I was going to post: Sam Hall. The first ukulele song I’ve recorded, and very nearly the first I’ve played, in many many months. From the chords on Alligator Boogaloo’s uke songbook.

Gotta get to bed. Maybe I’ll write up what I can remember tomorrow.

If you’re not familiar with my glorious one-take-wonder uke songs from back when I used to post them here, they’re not being posted because they’re “good” but because I enjoy making them and like to share. Download if you want the experience of sitting in the living room with a not particularly skilled ukulele player playing while he reads chords and lyrics off a web site. Don’t download if you don’t.

Nighty night!

AFTERTHOUGHT: I have had the song “Harris and the Mare” by Stan Rogers in my head tonight. I’d love to play that. Anyone know where I can find chords for it?

3 thoughts on “My Name, It Is Sam Hall”

  1. Thanks Ed, for “Sam Hall.” I never heard of it before but just found a version done by Cash. I’ll be working on this.


  2. Hey, please remember that post – it sounds interesting and I know I’d like to read it. Damn yer eyes.

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