Terrorist Plot to Destroy Macinack Bridge — With Cellphones!

MLive.com: Newslogs tells us:

Apparently the proof of their terrorist intent was that they are of Palestinian origin and they purchased a very large number of cell phones.

I shudder to think what the destruction of the Mackinaw bridge would do to America’s economy. Forcing people to drive through Wisconsin to reach Escanaba instead of going straight over the bridge. It could completely disrupt the flow towards lower Michigan of… well, of whatever it is they make in the U.P…. Moose pelts, and I think fudge. No, fudge is Mackinac Island, not the U.P.

Yeah, with all the industry sucked out of Michigan and gone overseas, the last thing we need is having our supply of souvenir copper nuggets cut off. Scary.

UPDATE: more snark in the comments at America-hating MeFi.

9 thoughts on “Terrorist Plot to Destroy Macinack Bridge — With Cellphones!”

  1. I think TV8 just wanted to get in on the action.

    Seriously…if there were plans for this, you’d think there would be a heck of a lot of other targets we should be worried about. Maybe we’ll hear about them in October, straight from Joe Lieberman’s mouth.

  2. …blowing up a well engineered bridge with cell phones… really…. if this threat was true, most of America’s blonde women would have long ago had their brains imploded whilst they tarry at the red light, impatiently awating the left turn arrow into Wal-Mart. Hysterical right wing drivel, at its most banal.

  3. the terrorists will want any kind of recognition. It doesn’t really matter where or what they blow up. How peculiar to be caught with all those cell phones and then remove the batteries. Tell me they were not planning something.

  4. Looks like charges will be dropped. The other evidence was that they had taken digital photos of Big Mac. Sounds like a pretty solid case, especially with whatever confessions they can extract with water boarding and nude pyramid building.

  5. It gets better. They also had the batteries removed, which one of the authorities also mentioned could be used in meth labs.

    It’s bad enough the Muslims want to blow up everything. Now they want to take away rural American jobs…in the meth lab. Evil doers.

  6. Born and raised in Mi and now living in Tn, it really peas me off to no end that someting I hold so dear could be taken away so easy. I just returned from a trip to the Big Mac 3 weeks ago. I can not hold my anger over this. Its time the American people do something. I will not stop flying, I will not let you take my life, I will not allow this anymore. Its not the American goverment they should fear, but the American people. This must stop no matter what it takes. Can anyone say HIROSHIMA.

  7. Connie, you realize there never was a plot to blow up the Mac bridge, right? It was a complete fiction. They were trying to make money shipping cell phones from state to state.

  8. This just in!

    “The terrorists admit to a plan to tape the cell phones to key points of the bridge, in the hopes that cancerous tumors would grow and weaken the bridge to the point of collapse. Sports and weather after the break.”

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