Michael Bloomberg Apparently Compensating For Some Anatomical Deficiency

New York Post Online Edition: news

February 9, 2006 — ALBANY — Mayor Bloomberg had a city clerical worker fired after visiting his office — and getting enraged when he saw a solitaire card game on his computer, The Post has learned.Edward Greenwood IX was canned last Tuesday from his approximately $30,000-a-year job with no warning or severance pay after six years working in the city’s Albany lobbying office.

A source told The Post that Bloomberg was fuming after he made a rare visit to the office a few blocks from the Capitol before Gov. Pataki’s Jan. 4 State of the State speech — and spotted a game on the employee’s computer.

In an interview yesterday at his home just 10 miles outside of Albany, Greenwood, who is married and has a 3-year-old son, admitted he had a solitaire screen on his computer during the mayor’s visit, but said he was “running around working” and not playing the game at the time.

That just strikes me as poor management.  For all Bloomberg knew, that guy could have been the most valuable, hardest-working guy in the office.  He had no idea, he just jumped to a conclusion about the worker’s value based on one piece of information.  If I were to do the same thing to him as he did to this worker, I’d say he ought to be canned as a Mayor because obviously he is willing to take drastic action which affects people negatively based on tiny, irrelevant scraps of information.  Fire his ass!

Even though he appears to have turned to the light side of the force lately….

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  1. damn, if you’re gonna get fired for playing games at work, at least make sure you’re playing bf2 or half-life or something. :D

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