5 thoughts on “Bring It! Comic 15”

  1. I love your sense of humor, but I liked the loose informal “scraggly” look much better, it’s more personal and less corporate, and that’s totally you. Ghange the name of the comic. “Bring It” doesn’t match the content at all, and sounds like that stupid Kirsten Dunst cheerleader movie.

  2. This was kind of experimental — I did the whole thing in Inkscape (Linux equivalent of Illustrator) — no natural drawing at all. It shows.

  3. Damn, man, I hope you feel better soon.

    So is the new hairstyle going to make itself known in comic form?

    This slick style here is a good tool to have, I think, under your belt. But you know my tastes run to the poorly tuned guitar echoing off the concrete walls of a garage. Still, you do a neat “bored” thing with this one — the facial expressions, I mean.

  4. It made an appearance in this very comic! you just can’t see it cuz I’m on the phone…

    Seriously, I don’t feel like doing yet another hair joke in the comic so soon. I’ve got funnier and far less tasteful things to talk about.

    I agree on the “nice to be able to do it, now back to my pens and paper and scribbles” thing btw.

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