It’s Coming Right For Ya! BLAM

First serious “comin’ right for ya” moment on Linux* —

Tonight at about 10 PM my wifi card, which had been working great at four or five different access points, suddenly stops working at home. I had just had a couple minor triumphs — getting it to print to the shared printer hooked up to my imac, and getting the pressure sensitive wacom pad to work. And then suddenly no wifi anymore. Couldn’t even see the access point. What did I do to it? I do not know. I beat my head against the problem for about an hour and gave up.

I got back on my iBook, which I’d been sort of shunning, to write this, and remembered again what a beautiful piece of hardware it is. Beautiful.

And OS X does just work.

Still — pressure sensitive wacom with the GIMP? Sweet! Overall Linux has been pretty awesome to me. I won’t mind using it at work more.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a button on this computer which turns off the internal wifi card. And I accidentally pressed it. Had nothing to do with linux — affected windows too. False alarm.

*from an episode of South Park, where hunters claim that because of bleeding heart liberals, they are required to shout “It’s comin’ right for ya!” before they shoot an animal, thus making it an act of self defense. Mph and I use this expression to describe when a piece of new software unexpectedly angers us, causing us to wish to blow it right off the hard drive.