2 thoughts on “Sociocracy”

  1. I’m told that my church (Church of the Servant) used to make decisions in that way (unanimous consensus), but stopped. Apparently it would make meetings far, far too long.

    It may be that sociocracy works better when there are a lower percentage of professors/people who lecture for a living. I think they’ve also stopped serving wine at council meetings. That probably helps too.

  2. According to this site, http://www.twinoaks.org/clubs/sociocracy/princ.html, Sociocracy is not based on consensus, but consent. Consensus means that everybody is actively in favor of whatever decision gets made, whereas consent merely means that nobody is against the decision (where “against” means that you have a reasonable objection to the decision, not just that you choose to veto it). Consent is a lower hurdle to get over than consensus. Perhaps COS would have been able to make consent work rather than the more arduous requirement for consensus.

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