Debian Sarge

A new version of Debian is finally coming out.

The new version will apparently be based on the 2.6.8 version of the Linux kernel.

The previous stable version of Debian shipped with the 2.2 version of the Linux kernel by default, and the 2.4 version available as a hidden option.

Yep, it’s been so long between stable releases of Debian, that there was never a stable version of Debian which had, by default, a 2.4 kernel. They missed an entire stable kernel version.

Could be worse I guess. They could be shipping one with a 2.4 kernel by default and a 2.6.8 as a hidden option right now.

It’d be cool if the new version of Debian was comparable to Ubuntu in general grooviness and ease of use. Maybe I could start recommending Debian to friends who want to use Linux again.