Brothels Of Grand Rapids

Too funny. Via MeFi, a Yahoo story tells us that googling on “brothel” and a zip code turns up interesting results.

  • Goodrich Radio and Theaters, Inc
  • Acton Institute
  • These Last Days
  • Urban Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Cornerstone University: Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary
  • Kalamazoo College

I had no idea.

Not surprised about the Acton Institute though; as far as I can tell their entire raison d’etre is to be whores for Microsoft.

BTW, the “These Last Days” web page is not to be missed.

Oh, also BTW — the Yahoo story acts like it’s some big conspiracy mystery why these things show up as “brothels” but it’s easy if you employ a few brain cells. Click on a result, and it will give you a link to the relevant web page. In every case it is a page containing the wordbrothel” and the address of the relevant organization (e.g. in a footer).

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  1. I may be partially responsible for UICA being there, having blogged about seeing Born Into Brothels in that particular establishment.

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