Angels Demons Monsters Beasts

This page of angels and demons and this one of monsters are amongst many delights at Cornell’s library of the fantastic in art and fiction.

All this via Beware of the Blog, a new addition to my reading list brought to us today via the happily-posting-again snappy, who contrasts them interestingly with BoingBoing. I depend on BoingBoing and MetaFilter for a stream of memey links with something occasionally interesting in them, and I sure wouldn’t mind an alternative to BoingBoing for reasons similar to those in mph’s comment to this post. I’ll take an apparently reasonable and intelligent guy suddenly wondering if there’s anything to all the wacked out “chemtrail” paranoia over “what’s the latest wacky japanese fad” any day. There’s a certain “Fortean Times” quality to it (that is not present in the actual Fortean Times newsfeed). And hey, no ads!

I’ll probably keep reading the boingboing, cause I’m a tool.