PuddingTime!: Fix Firefox Keybindings on OS X

PuddingTime!: Fix Firefox Keybindings on OS X:

Michael forces me back to the ol ‘Fox by tempting me with tasty keybindings. Dammit!

UPDATE: no keybinding goodness for moi. I went to test it so I went to a bookmarked site so that I could use the new keybindings in the URL bar (the place where I most miss them). No URL showed up in the URL bar at all. Huh. So I restored the default keybindings and things were groovy again.

I might do some Firefoxing anyway just for grins.

5 thoughts on “PuddingTime!: Fix Firefox Keybindings on OS X”

  1. Naturally I’m really puzzled as to how a file plopped into the app bundle of the same application couldn’t produce the same results I got (which was Emacsish goodness everywhere it belonged). Have to ask: Using the Firefox 1.0 release?

  2. Yeah, downloaded a fresh copy special. There may well have been emacsy goodness, but not seeing the URL when I loaded a bookmark scared me off.

  3. BLAM!

    Speaking of coming right for you, Firefox is doing so right now. When I click open an external link in Firefox, it’s *always* doing so in the main window and blowing away whatever was in there before. WTF.

  4. Ah, I finally found the pref for that — under Tabbed Browsing — *after* I’d toasted my profile. Huh.

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