Father Jake on Homelessnes

Father Jake Stops the World discusses a report on the criminalization of homelessness in America and shares his own experiences, working at a transitional living center, dealing with four squad cars and a lieutenant surrounding and storming a the center in order to arrest a woman charged with the heinous crime of sleeping in a car.

2 thoughts on “Father Jake on Homelessnes”

  1. Ed, did you see my e-mail about the changes coming to the Sec. 8 rental assistance program through the Grand Rapids Housing Commission? Check out the link http://www.grhousing.org/pages/notices.html for the gory details. The War on Terror is being financed on the backs of the poor and infirm!

  2. I did, Kristen — I’m sorry I didn’t write right back. Yeah. That’s kind of how war works, as far as I can tell. And kind of how Republicans work.

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