More Firefox Mac Interface WTF

It came right for me.

If you want to see it come right for you, try this. Download something. Close all the windows except the download thingamajig. Try to open a new window. Surprise! You can’t! Until you close the download thingamajig!

Back to Safari with a side order of Camino.

PuddingTime!: Fix Firefox Keybindings on OS X

PuddingTime!: Fix Firefox Keybindings on OS X:

Michael forces me back to the ol ‘Fox by tempting me with tasty keybindings. Dammit!

UPDATE: no keybinding goodness for moi. I went to test it so I went to a bookmarked site so that I could use the new keybindings in the URL bar (the place where I most miss them). No URL showed up in the URL bar at all. Huh. So I restored the default keybindings and things were groovy again.

I might do some Firefoxing anyway just for grins.