Bwahahahah Vote Tea Party!

Group files to get Tea Party on ballot | WOOD TV8.

OK, these Tea Partiers need to make up their mind.

Are they an organized, unified movement with an established, top-down leadership, which is allied with the Republican party and wants its membership to vote Republican?

Cause if that is true, then registering a “Tea Party” is a dirty trick to take votes away from the Republican party, which deserves all Tea Partier votes because Tea Partier really means Republican.

Or are they a grassroots organization, bottom up, not affiliated with any party, just a bunch of angry Americans afraid of where their country is going (cue Glenn Beck’s tear ducts) and fed up with Washington?

In which case some grassroots person registering a Tea Party is completely legit, people can vote for the candidates or not based on the candidate’s own merits, and they aren’t any more likely to steal votes from Republicans than from Democrats?

YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, KIDS.  Either you’re just Republicans trying to escape the stench that has been attached to that party’s name in the past decade, or you’re independent, non partisan, and grassroots.  Make up your minds.