White & Donny

When the video for Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy” came out, though it’s all good in a Weird Al kind of way, I found myself mesmerized in particular by the incredibly enthusiastic, goofy guy dancing behind Al in some of the segments…

a guy who turned out to be Donny Osmond. (Al: “I asked him to be in the video because he was the whitest guy I could think of.”) (Me: egads, how old must he be by now? He’s dancing with the energy of a five year old! A five year old on speed!)

Imagine my glee when I discovered that Al had posted to youtube the first take of that dance sequence — with the Donny Dance behind the Gangsta Al, in front of a greenscreen, for the whole song.

You’d think it would get old during the three minute song. You’d think Donny would run out of dance moves. You’d be wrong.

2 thoughts on “White & Donny”

  1. It’s great. And for the record, Donny is 50. He still has the moves and the energy.

  2. Dude, thanks for the flashback. I totally love that song and it was great watching Donny dance. Check out the “white and nerdy” shirts on cafepress. I might have to order one (as well as the “Token White Guy” shirt).


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