2 thoughts on “O Frabjous Day!”

  1. I remember seeing it broadcast. It might have been part of the episode that was all fantasy/medieval? I remember a Robin Hood sketch and a couple of jokes I repeat to this day (wonder how close to verbatim these actually are)…

    A: Halt, lest I strike thee down with my trusty quarterstaff.
    B: Ha! That’s cheap; mine cost a buck and a half!

    A: How goes the night?
    B: Dark, but still.
    A: Still what?
    B: Still dark!

  2. Daffy Duck had some very similar quarterstaff jokes.

    ASIDE TO AUDIENCE: “Actually, it’s a buck and a quarter staff, but I’m not telling HIM that!”

    The Muppet bit that sticks in my mind is Angus McGonnell the Argyle Gargoyle, whose act was gargling Gershwin. He was on with Mark Hammill. :)

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