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A polygamous community in Texas that follows the teaching of The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints practices pedophilia, torture and child abuse under the guise of a religion, according to a woman who escaped the sect with her eight children five years ago.

“I think it’s a form of pedophilia hiding behind a religion as a protection,” Carolyn Jessop told TODAY’s Matt Lauer from Salt Lake City on Tuesday. “There’s just a desire to control and manipulate and torture people, and religion is just used as the cover.”

[From Woman describes ‘escape’ from polygamy – TODAY: People –]

Man, wouldn’t it be interesting if Romney were the candidate right now?
If this stuff is all true as reported — not that I have reason to doubt it, but it’s always wise to be cautious about atrocity tales which accompany and justify government action — holy crap, this was a horrible, abusive hellhole.

“The method he would use with infants was a form of water torture,” Jessop said of her former husband. “He would spank the baby until it was screaming out of control, and then he would hold the baby faceup under a tap of running water so it couldn’t breathe. He would do this repeatedly. Sometimes, it would go on for an hour, until the baby was so exhausted it couldn’t cry anymore. This method he called ‘breaking them.’”

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  1. My question is why have all of those children been separated from their mothers? Shouldn’t they be kept together. The women were victims too.

  2. Why would it be interesting if Mit Romney were a candidate? He’s not a member of the FLDS church, he’s a member of the LDS church. There’s a major difference. Maybe you should look it up

  3. Melissa, FLDS is just LDS with all the crazy let loose instead of suppressed and quieted down.

    The exposure of the creepy beliefs of the FLDS would no doubt lead to comment on those beliefs and practices of the LDS which, while less out-there than the FLDS, are still pretty damn weird from the perspective of Mr. Average American, especially Mr. Fundamentalist Christian Republican Voter.

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