Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping isn’t something I do much now, but I read about it back in the late ’80s – early ’90s, and thought it was cool, and used it to take notes in class sometimes (resulting in bafflement for anyone who wanted to borrow my notes…).

Seeing mind-mapping GUI apps appear in my RSS feeds led me to look at it and remember all that stuff.

Apparently some people are willing to pay a pretty penny ($49-$249) for software to help you do this thing that any idiot can do on the back of a napkin… If you are stingy or more of an open-source persuasion, you could always go with the java app FreeMind, which is free, but mindbogglingly over-engineered perhaps excessively featureful.

But a Mac-only app to do this stuff just popped up over on myosxfreeware.com, which is in my blog reader… It’s called MindNode, and it’s almost as easy to use as a pencil and paper. Kinda cool.

I think pencil and paper still win though.

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