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The story of Don LaRose reads like a script for an old made-for-television movie – Satanism, brainwashing, kidnapping and assumed identity…

For Ken Williams – who has been mayor of Centerton since 2001 and has been a radio personality in the county since the early 1980 s – the story of Don LaRose has been a deep, well-kept secret…

The similarities between the two men are striking – from a resume history of radio personality, ministry and parallel trips to Israel to facial features and a comb-over hairstyle.

There’s a reason for the similarities: Ken Williams is the name Don LaRose assumed when he began a new life before coming to northwest Arkansas in the early 1980 s.

Apparently this fellow has a history of being “kidnapped by Satanists” and disappearing from his old life and starting a new one under an assumed name. It’s happened a couple times. The last time, it lasted for over 20 years, and his former life was only revealed when he, in his new identity, put up a web site about his old identity, not realizing, apparently, that people who knew him in his old identity (in this case, his nephew, Ed Miller of Holland, MI), who found the web site could track him down via the whois information.

Saw the story originally here via Reddit, and tracked down more info with google. This blogger has many many links if it’s details you crave.

4 thoughts on “The Strange Story of Don LaRose”

  1. stupid man to put his family through all that just to get the life he really wanted. He ran away. End of story; until ,ofcourse, we hear the effect this had on the family he left……..

  2. Poor Eunice. Not many men will fake being kidnapped and brainwashed by Satanists twice just to get away from you.

  3. look deeper ken williams never claimed 2 be abducted by satanists. the media twisted the story. the truth shall set you free

  4. All I have read in almost all comments here & in other sites is the badgering of Ken/Don. A few talk about the other family. But no one cares to mention the strain this has put on the new family.

    What ever made him do what he did (right or wrong) that is between him & his maker. But there are two families that are suffering.

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