rms: I Hate Babies

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Richard Stallman — Edward O’Connor:

Usually when people post negative things about Richard Stallman, I read them and think they’re silly, and go on admiring the guy. This “reproduction is evil and antisocial” thing of his, though — OK, you got me. I’m with you on that one. Touché.

Funny thing is — the comments section is full of people who agree with him and hate babies and the people who have them too. I guess the one point where I really do have a problem with rms is the point where a huge geek-horde are in total agreement with him.

2 thoughts on “rms: I Hate Babies”

  1. I’m laughing because I’ve been seeing more and more on baby-hatin’ lately, so having RMS bob into view in the middle of it all is sort of surreal. Sort of like if I found out esr was passionately concerned about an endangered Asian steppe-hare.

    I hate the topic every time it comes up. People bring a lot of baggage to it. Sometimes you find out that a particularly virulent commenter had just ended a relationship or even marriage over the issue, and they’re just using the vast sea of anonymous voices to continue the argument with someone who’s no longer there to be angry at. Other people are angry because of some social dynamic … either being the lone non-parent or lone parent in a group of friends who aren’t very accommodating or understanding. Some people are just misanthropes.

    Seems like a topic ripe for folks talking past each other, and they usually do.

  2. if all men agree with stallman and all women are feminist, we can save the world from global warming because there will be no human at all in this world

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