“Subsidizing the Rich and a Free Market are Not the Same Thing”

Subsidizing the Rich and a Free Market are Not the Same Thing | TPMCafe:

There is a conventional way of framing policy debates in which conservatives want to leave things to the market while liberals/progressives want to have the government intervene to have better outcomes. This framing has the right arguing for the seemingly natural outcomes of market interaction and the virtue of the rugged individual. It puts the left on the side of meddling government bureaucrats.

Needless to say, most people tend to prefer to leave things alone than to trust the competence and goodwill of the government, so this framing works hugely to the advantage of the right. However this framing also has nothing to do with reality. The right has every bit as much interest in government intervention as the left. The difference is that the right wants the government to intervene to redistribute income upward. And of course the right is smart enough to try to hide their role for government as just the natural working of the market.

MAN that sums it up well. The article goes on to show the New York Times egregiously engaged in this kind of distortion.