Body Impolitic — Health Insurance in the U.S.: The Devil in the Details

Junk Food Science (Sandy Szwarc) usefully explodes many health care myths, but tends to lean far right when politics comes up (using the word “socialist” to mean “authoritarian” for example…).

Laurie Toby Edison, blogger behind Debbie of “Body Impolitic,” here picks apart a recent post where Szwarc’s reasoning suddenly becomes slipshod as she tries to minimize the problem of the vast numbers of Americans without insurance and therefore without reasonable options for access to healthcare.

Sanity with regards to health care in general and fat in particular seems to be an area where the Left has dropped the ball big time, so you end up with unusual spectacles like Tucker Carlson, usually an all-around jerk, holding forth compassionately on the injustice fat people in America suffer. I guess he’s allowed to be decent about that since his designated opponents are generally not.

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