UPDATE: the gem can be installed thus:

sudo gem install rubnolia –source

and the rdoc is here too, for the curious.I just created my first almost-ready-for-other-people’s use Ruby library, Rubnolia. It’s designed to access bookmarks and tags on ma.gnolia, through its published API.I created it because I had been dinking around with calling web apis in different languages I know (which aren’t Perl, cuz, Perl is work to me, other languages are play). I wasn’t quite digging the style of John Nunemaker’s Addicted to Ma.gnolia — there’s nothing wrong with it; for some reason I just wasn’t comfortable with implementing everything as class methods rather than instance methods. So I did my own, and while I was putting together I had a wonderful time watching it grow and then shrink, as I found minimalist ways of accomplishing things.I’ve actually put the library to a little use — I put together a little camping app that used this library to produce tag clouds, display bookmarks with their descriptions and screenshots, and stuff like that. It was kinda cool, but I didn’t really finish it.


UPDATE: I realized that I totally reinvented the wheel on this one.  The stuff I added on to Hash just makes it behave like a Struct or OpenStruct.  Which weren’t there in Ruby 1.6, which is the version of Ruby I first learned DOH!  I could probably cut the code size even more knowing that.