Best Use of the Word “Emo” Award, 2007

Bullshit, Indeed:

In other words, it’s written for chowderheads who’re given to repeating things celebrities tell them and people who’re too emo to listen to Rush Limbaugh but like the way he speaks truth to power.

I’m not really sure what “emo” really means, and I don’t think people over 35 should be using the words of a younger generation, so I avoid it and chastise friends who use it, but I’m giving Michael a pass on this one… and an award.

I really like Penn and Teller as magicians… they rapidly become intolerable outside that context.

Disclaimer: apparently with my hair long and no beard I’m a dead ringer for Penn Gillette. I don’t know why that needs a disclaimer, either, I just felt like disclaiming.

4 thoughts on “Best Use of the Word “Emo” Award, 2007”

  1. It’s a minor point, but I don’t think “emo” belongs to the younger generation. The members of Yo La Tengo have to be pushing 40, and they’re about as emo as a band can get…at least as far as I understand it. IMHO, I don’t think anyone under 30 should be allowed to use “emo” or to speak disparagingly of their elders and their music.

    The best definition of emo that I’ve heard is that it’s “shoe-gazing music.”

  2. In MY day, we didn’t use these “slang” terms like “emo.” We just listened to the Smiths and walked uphill both ways to and from school!

  3. I’m glad I’m under 35, since I use “Emo” fairly frequently to describe a certain type of music. Emo is a subcategory of neopunk with emotional, thoughtful lyrics, a slower tempo than classic punk, and an aesthetic halfway between nerd-chic and the Beat generation. I have no idea what it would have to do with Rush Limbaugh.

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