Hatch Act? What’s the Hatch Act?

Think Progress » Rove’s PowerPoint Presentation Revealed During Oversight Hearing:

Holy crap. As you might hope would be the case, it is illegal for government officials to engage in partisan campaign activities on Federal property (so says the Hatch Act). Thanks to the subpoenaed emails for the attorney-firing scandal, the House is in possession of a powerpoint presentation given by Karl Rove at a national videoconference convened by Lurita Doan, House General Services Administration chief. The presentation reads like a GOP smoke-filled-room planning session, with headings like “2008 House Targets: Top 20” (there follows a listing of vulnerable seats held by Democrats) and “2008 House GOP Defense” and “Battle for the Senate 2008”.

The House Oversight Committee interviewed Doan under oath, and man, that was an uncomfortable interview. It’s like she suddenly contracted a wicked case of Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember a damn thing.

Recommended watching.

It’s kind of fun seeing America in general and Washington in particular wake up to the sheer evil of the Bush Administration after all these years. Would have been nice if it hadn’t taken this long.

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  1. I’ve been pessimistic about this administration from the start, yet I’m still stunned by the depth of its corruption. They have done so many thing that I would have never dreamed…this being yet another one.

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