This Way Lies Madness

GTD + Your Emotional Life –

The productivity-obsessed “Getting Things Done”/”Lifehack”/”Mind Hack” people have reached a new apex of “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU”…

So why not apply GTD methods of organization to your feelings and everything icky? It may sound stupid to some of you, but I know people who would immediately benefit from this kind of thought process.

If we can manage our emotional relationships like we do business relationships, maybe we’d have less trouble. If we could organize all personal stuff like you do your work stuff, could we become emotionally productive?

I can’t wait to read how to apply “Getting Things Done” methods to one’s sex life! “…Hey baby, do you feel actionable tonight?”

3 thoughts on “This Way Lies Madness”

  1. OK. I read the article, and let me just say that anyone who uses the word “actioned” needs a serious cockpunching…

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