Exile Of The Angry Hard Drive

The Futzmonkey is chuckling to himself because I’m really enjoying what I’ve been able to do lately with my home linux box.

I was swapping out hard drives to give it more space, and due to some problems I ended up removing the one that came with it (10G) entirely, and to my surprise I ended up with a whisper-quiet machine instead of one that sounded like a combat helicopter. It was all the hard drive.

That’s the second time I’ve noticed that happening — an aging machine which was intolerably loud suddenly revealing itself to be a cuddly little kitten when you swap out the original hard drive for a more recently made one. Guess they made hard drives loud in the old days, or they get loud in their old age.

Anyway, my kids love playing the games that come with the ubuntu desktop by default, and I kinda like working at the machine. I mean, GNOME is no OS X, but it’s pretty darn tolerable. Nice to have a desktop machine again. I mean, laptops are nice and all but there’s something about the solidity and comfort of a nice desktop.