Freaky Book of the Week

Boppin’ around Barnes & Nobles, I came across Codex Magica by Texe Marrs. According to Marrs, the world is run by the Illuminati, also known by such names as “Masons,” “Satanists,” “Jews,” and “Catholics.” The book is profusely illustrated, largely with photographs of world leaders from all over the world and all over the political spectrum, with their gestures identified as secret Masonic/Illuminati hand gestures. Remember the U of T horn gesture the Bush family likes to flash? SATAN. (To be fair, Marrs was far from alone in interpreting it that way. The Norwegians sure know their Satanists, and they were fooled.)

As far as I can tell, there is no way to configure the human body in such a way that Texe Marrs could not find a Satanic/Masonic gesture being made by some part of it.

It’s a fun book in a twisted and demented kind of way.

It’s kind of like if the Rigorous Intuition guy were possessed by the spirit of Bob Larson. And then turned up to eleven. (Disclaimer: for all the weirdness, pessimism, and paranoia, I often enjoy RigInt because the blogger’s a thoughtful guy and often notices important connections between news events that otherwise might go unnoticed.)