The problem with the wordpress default theme is that it’s insanely complicated, especially in the header area.  Someone going in to edit it a bit “starting with the default” is in for a world of hurt, because it’s many many many many lines of CSS.

Inspired by this post a weekend ago, I ripped the guts out of the default theme and created a “minimal” theme with no css at all.  I intended to go in and recreate it as a thing of beauty, but I hadn’t the energy at the time.

I just got some energy, I guess, because I just opened up “minimal” again and added a very small amount of css to it and it’s starting to look nice again.  Things I’d still like to do as I write: pick a less garish color for links, since there are so many of them; unsquish the text on the right a bit; stuff like that.  Any other suggestions?  Any browsers it looks downright *awful* on?

7 thoughts on “Stylin’”

  1. I’m a big fan of the minimalist approach. The one thing I would add to what you have now is a thin white line between the sidebar and the header. For me, at least, having that big solid blue area is distracting when I read. Don’t no why, but having the sidebar a bit separated makes it easier to read.

  2. Thanks man. I’ve actually been editing the page a few times while you posted a comment, and I decided to just make *everything* silver except the narrow column. How’s that work? :)

  3. More readable. The more the content seems to float above the rest of the page, the easier it is to read. You also need to make sure that this textedit field is constrained, however, as it’s growing past the white area.

  4. The comment text area is crazy wide. I don’t know if it has its own id, but you may want to make it just 300px wide or something.

  5. You know, textareas are kind of in their own universe, all measured in width and height in characters. How are they supposed to fit into a CSS world? If I made it smaller would it be all horizontally scrolling?

    I’ll try making it smaller in characters.

  6. It was “cols=’100%'” — I don’t even know what that means. I changed it to 50% and it seems good now.

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