Presidentially “Pardoned” Turkeys – Pardoned Turkeys To Their New Home: Disneyland:

(CBS) ANAHEIM, Calif. A pair of turkeys that got a presidential pardon Wednesday at the White House will soon be the main attraction of Disneyland’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

In a White House Rose Garden ceremony, President Bush patted the red, fleshy head and feathered neck and back of “Flyer,” a 20-week-old, 36-pound tom, and said, “I am granting a full presidential pardon.”

This would be cute if not for Bush’s past as the executingest governor in recent American history… And his history of pre-emptive pardoning of Americans for war crimes abroad…

As it is, it’s just creepy.

UPDATE: It’s not a Bush thing, it dates from Harry Truman. Which, I dunno, you start thinking about what he did in Japan, maybe it’s still creepy. Presidents can be a creepy bunch.

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