“Initiating Children Into The Coming Police State”?

Initiating Children Into The Coming Police State

Imagine my surprise that this was local.  Wyoming, MI is maybe a mile from my house.  The title is melodramatic, but the events are still disturbing.  (Summary: with no warning to students or parents, there was an “evacuation” drill which involved police in full riot gear announcing a “threat” to the school, and running around the school with weapons and ordering kids around, searching their pockets and the like — which I don’t think is even legal.)  The police say they didn’t know that the kids had not been told about it.

Maybe it’s just me but I have a hard time imagining any scenario that’s statistically likely to happen that this would be useful preparation for.

Unless there’s something to that “new law that makes it easy for Bush to declare martial law” story that’s going around.

National news, local paper.

4 thoughts on ““Initiating Children Into The Coming Police State”?”

  1. This wasn’t featured prominently in the GR Press. Perhaps they were too busy endorsing a straight Republican ticket to help clean up the mess in Washington. Funny how they only endorsed challengers who were Republican…

  2. I dunno Ed. The school/local authorities might be reacting to the rash of school violence. You can’t really initiate a plan for something you haven’t planned for.

    There is a fine line between ‘preparedness’ and ‘scaring the hell outta school kids’ or ‘putting ideas in school kids heads’. Perhaps this crossed that line?

  3. I’d say yeah with the line-crossing.

    As far as school shootings go, I suspect that being hurt or killed in a school shooting is a vanishingly small possibility compared to auto accidents and the like. And even in the case of a school shooting, I’m not sure filling the school with SWAT dudes is going to improve matters.

    As for “rash” — are you sure there is one? Or is it just popular in the news these days?

  4. Rash news?
    Of course.
    When it comes to parents… there is a certain amount of irrational fear that school administration has to deal with. You are more likely to be killed from an asteroid then a terrorist, but you would never know it for watching the news/GOP propaganda.
    I don’t envy school administration and I think I understand their plight a bit. Better to look pro-active then not.

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