Zombie Is The New Vampire

Here’s the statistical evidence.

Vampire LARP games: Old and Busted.

Zombie Walks: The New Hotness.

The rising tide of Zombism appears in superhero comics, politics; even philosophy. And of course my family.

I have mixed feelings about this development. Not very strong mixed feelings, because mostly, I don’t care. It seems to me that shambling around demanding brains would get old even faster than painting your fingernails black and listening to Dead Can Dance. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that zombie walkers can take themselves particularly seriously, and that’s a bonus.

There was a funny CatScratch episode where Waffle, trying to create chip dip, read the Scottish Book of the Dead (apparently one of Gordon’s books) instead of a cookbook, and he created a sour-cream-heavy goopy aberration which ended up creating dozens of zombies from a nearby cemetery.

(I could also mention Shaun of the Dead, remakes of classic zombie movies, guides to zombie survival, etc.)
Bottom line, zombies in, vampires out.

2 thoughts on “Zombie Is The New Vampire”

  1. Argh. Your comment section hates the “less than three” ASCII art that’s supposed to be a heart.

    Let’s try this again:

    Zombies! I (less than three) zombies!

    It’s about time those whiny vampires moved outta the way for the TRUE undead! :)

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