Terror Plot Foiled Again

The news channels are sure making it sound real and urgent, but we’ve seen a lot of supposed plots foiled which turned out to be meaningless hype.
Just like all the “discoveries of WMDs” turned out not to be real.
Boy oh boy is the hype machine on overdrive today.  “Mass Murder on an Unimaginable Scale.”  “Biggest threat since 9/11.”

It does seem rather early for an October Surprise.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

1 thought on “Terror Plot Foiled Again”

  1. Ed, I think we’re both becoming too cynical. One of my first responses was, “Dang, but we just had an election…aren’t they a little late (or early) to be foiling terrorist plots?”

    Someone on the radio last night was commenting on hearing a government official say, “But this one was real…” Didn’t anyone in the Bush/Blair administration hear the story of Chicken Little?

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