Card Show Hatin’

We watch us a lot of Cartoon Network in these parts, and that means I occasionally watch Yu-Gi-Oh.

I can’t believe people wrote these shows.  I can’t believe they made these shows.  I can’t believe people (who don’t have kids who will watch anything whatsoever as long as it’s animated) watch them.

Listening to heroes talk about their wonderful decks of cards, and reading the rules at each other off the cards, and all the plot points turning on the invocation of obscure rules — could anything be more lame?  Seriously?

I mean, Pokemon’s similar in some ways but the protagonists aren’t whipping out decks of cards, they’re loosing monsters from a magic croquet ball.  And they never read rules at each other which say how many points this or that monster is worth.

Worst Anime EVER.

2 thoughts on “Card Show Hatin’”

  1. Yep, I agree with you completely. I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times, but it’s just awful. Mostly, it’s boring. I’m really surprised kids can watch it, as it’s mostly these long boring rules lectures. *yawn* And I thought it would be hard to beat Dragonball Z for dull (you know, two guys staring at each other with veins throbbing in their heads for several minutes at a time–yeah, that’s exciting).

    Have you seen Avatar? Now there’s a quality animated program…

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