Olbermann on Bill O’Reilly’s Lies About WWII War Crimes

onegoodmove: Bill O’Reilly Scumbag

Twice (in two episodes, many months apart), while arguing with general Wes Clark, Bill O’Reilly has justified abuses by American soldiers in Iraq (Abu Ghraib and then Haditha) by claiming they are nothing new — after all, Americans slaughtered surrendered and unarmed Nazi troops in Malmedy, Belgium, in WWII, right?  That’s on the record?

No, really it’s not.  Those were American soldiers slaughtered with their hands in the air by Nazi troops.  Not the other way around.
When Bill was called on this later, in an email from a viewer, he claimed that he had been unclear, and was referring to unspecified actions taken by Americans in revenge.  Then the online transcript of the show was altered to change the word “Malmedy” to “Normandy.”

Why is this guy on the air again?