“Granholm watches DeVos define race — and define her”

Granholm watches DeVos define race — and define her

As DeVos has bombarded the airwaves with effective messages emphasizing his business acumen, presenting him as a regular guy who drives his own car and subtly impugning the governor’s leadership, the Granholm campaign has observed an electronic blackout.

You know, the irony here, to me, is that the one time I met Dick DeVos, when he was visiting my workplace, he flew in in his private helicopter. Kid you not. [Update: Joel in comments points out that I have no idea what I’m talking about here.  Not too uncommon a situation.]
Don’t get me started on his business, Amway (aka Alticor). There’s enough dirt on them a google search away; I’m not going to repeat any of it here. I am grateful for the philanthropy DeVos has engaged in here in West Michigan, which is considerable. Children’s hospital and everything. That’s awesome. I just have a hard time feeling comfortable about the source of those millions.

4 thoughts on ““Granholm watches DeVos define race — and define her””

  1. You know, I noticed she’s doing NOTHING as far as campaigning goes. I wasn’t even sure she was running again. Very very odd.

  2. The reason for that’s pretty simple. DeVos is starting early by comparison to previous governor’s races. Also, DeVos has much more cash than Granholm does. Thus, Granholm has to wait so that she doesn’t run out before the end of the race.

    I’d agree that she could be doing more to respond–if only by making statements to the media.

  3. Ahhhh…but Granholm has just begun campaigning. She is a very effective campaigner with an actul platform.

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