Rigorous Intuition

Rigorous Intuition is a guilty pleasure.  It’s a conspiracy theory blog.  I haven’t yet sussed out everything the author believes or is into — he seems to be farther out than Robin Ramsay but not as far out as David Icke.  He’s got something interesting, occasionally something really wild, to say about just about any news that comes out.  Plus each post gets a really interesting Photoshopped collage image, and some lyrics from Dylan, Lou Reed, or Leonard Cohen.

I guess I like reading RI because it’s not much more depressing than the “real news,” which I’m trying to kind of avoid right now, and unlike the real news I can comfort myself, thinking that RI is largely wild speculation and little or none of it may actually be true.

Anyway, the author, Jeff Wells, is a good writer and churns out a whole lotta original bloggage.