I Wish I’d Majored In That

I was at the bookstore today and looked at a copy of The Jesus Papers. Well, really mostly just read the inside front-cover and back-cover blurbs. It’s by Michael Baigent, one of the two authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, whose version of Western history was adopted by Dan Brown for the wildly successful DaVinci Code.

This blew me away — on both the front and back cover blurb Mr. Baigent was described as “a religious historian and a leading expert in the field of arcane knowledge.”

Arcane Knowledge is a “field”? Dang, my college advisors never even told me. I would have had hella fun in that department. I suppose as a Classical Languages major I came as close as anyone to majoring in “arcane knowledge.” But still.

2 thoughts on “I Wish I’d Majored In That”

  1. Bah. You know how college is. You’d start your first class all fresh-faced and ready to learn the Mysteries Man Was Never Meant To Know, but by the time you got into the mid-200 level classes, you’d be bored to freakin’ tears. ;)

  2. I did major in that.

    Okay, actually, I majored in English and minored in psychology and spent a lot of spare time reading Crowley. :)

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