What if there are no black holes, but there are dark energy stars?

Check it out.  Via Reddit.com.  It’s fascinating for me to read that black holes completely contradict the laws of quantum physics, and have been known to contradict them for many years, with people just assuming eventually the contradictions will be explained away.

That’s not the way we layfolk think of science as working.

And check this out:

The most intriguing fallout from this idea has to do with the strength of the vacuum energy inside the dark energy star. This energy is related to the star’s size, and for a star as big as our universe the calculated vacuum energy inside its shell matches the value of dark energy seen in the universe today. “It’s like we are living inside a giant dark energy star,” Chapline says. There is, of course, no explanation yet for how a universe-sized star could come into being.

Like, whoa.